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elcome to the Amistad interactive textbook, sponsored by the Amistad Commission, a division of the New Jersey Department of Education.

Selma Private Screening!

The Amistad Commission, the New Jersey Department of Education, Paramount Studios and the United Nations Remember Slavery project, extend to you an invitation to join us at a free preview screening and educator’s workshop for the major motion picture Selma.

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Compared with standard versions of U.S. history, Amistad provides an enhanced experience by offering a more detailed understanding of the American people and their shared history. The Amistad interactive textbook accomplishes this mission by guiding students and teachers on “an inclusive journey through American history” while infusing the vast contributions and experiences of African Americans along the way. In doing so, Amistad delivers a broader awareness of African-American history, and it provides the key to truly understanding the American experience.

What Is History?

Rethinking History for a New Curriculum: Methodology, Interpretation and Perspective

By: Lillie Johnson Edwards, Ph.D.

What is history, what is its purpose and how do historians achieve it? History is an interpretation of the past, shaped into a story or narrative that uses verifiable data or information, primarily taken from the time period being studied. Most students mistakenly assume that the facts such as names, dates, places and events play a singular role in the writing of history.